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Cricket Field Cottages

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Welcome To Twillingate Islands

Our cottages cater to families who enjoy outdoor activities by the shore of the North Atlantic Ocean.  Each 2-bedroom housekeeping cottage is clean, comfortable and most of all affordable for the average family.  They are fully equipped so just bring your smiles and holiday cheer.

Icebergs, whales, and breathtaking sunsets are only a few of the sights you may expect to see.  Stroll along the rocky beaches and discover sand dollars, star fish, pan shards or explore the grass covered hills.

The Cricket Field Cottage is situated on a one-acre fenced cricket field, dating from a bygone era, in scenic Back Harbour, a secluded hamlet within the Town of Twillingate in north-central Newfoundland.

In spring and early summer you may gaze upon majestic icebergs as they float by or watch as whales swim and frolic in our Atlantic bight. Spectacular sunsets will take your breath away as you watch from the cottage doorstep.

For reservations or information please call Verna Broderick at
You can e-mail us at:

Cricket Field Cottage, 24 Back Harbour Road, P.O. Box 457,
Twillingate, NL  A0G 4M0  Canada

overview of Cottage area Back Harbour,  Twilingate



A breath-taking sunset Back Harbour,  Twillingate